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     Chiang Mai Coffee Beans begins in 2021 from several years of living in Chiang Mai, learning local life, nature and culture, particularly in local agriculture. We believe systematic agriculture, such as, well planted planning, marketing strategy, manufacturing integration technology, and effective cost management strategy can enhance and ensure highest possible level of quality, reliability and productivity of coffee.

     With advantage of location, climates and sufficient infrastructures in Chiang Mai, the demand of coffee beans for local cafes continue to trive in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas. We, Chiang Mai Coffee Beans intended to refine and add value to local grown Chiang Mai coffee in ways of harvesting, roasting, grounding and brewing process to maintain uniqueness of authentic taste with better quality to make our brand to be a signature local coffee, and identical souvenirs of Chiang Mai.

     Chiang Mai Coffee Beans aimed to expand market to also response global coffee consumption demand as a part of our sustainable growth mission to eventually return profit back to our local community.